Joe Matteo and Liying Sun are adjusting optics for optical data processing in such diverse applications as defect detection in periodic structures such as solid state memory chips, optical interconnects and inspection systems.

Department of Electrical Engineering, and by
courtesy, in Applied Physics & Aeronautics and
Astronautics Departments


Ph.D., 1977 California Institute of Technology,
Eng. 1974 Twente Institute of Technology,
M.S. 1972 California Institute of Technology
B.S.1971 Twente Institute of Technology Applied Physics
B.S. 1970 Twente Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering

Professional career:

September 1980 - present

Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor of Electrical Engineering and, by courtesy, in the Applied Physics and Aeronautics and Astronautics Departments of Stanford University

October 1977 - Oct. 1980

Instructor in Applied Physics and Senior Research fellow at Caltech.

March 1994 - May 2002

Founder, Chairman, CEO and CTO of Siros Technologies, Inc.

April 1994 - 2000

Principal Investigator of DARPA funded $53M Industry Consortium for the development of Digital Holographic Data Storage

October 1999-present

Co-founder, Chairman, Senvid, Inc.

Professional Honors:

Numerous awards from scientific and professional societies, including Fullbright scholarship, Stheeman Price, DARPA award, NSIC award, Fellow of the OSA
Member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Over 150 invited presentations at scientific meetings, organizer of over 70 scientific meetings, over 300 papers in scientific journals, editor of Applied Optics, Applied Scientific Research, IEEE Transaction on Visualization, over 35 patents and patent applications, visiting Professor China, Europe, over 30 PH.D graduates.


Ultra-high density optical data storage, optical communication components and optical interconnects, optical information systems, nano-optics, digital image processing, Internet controlled instrumentation (CyberLab), expert witness numerous patent cases, consultant to industry, US Airforce Scientific Advisory Board, Hubble Space Telescope Committee, Astronaut Memorial Co-designer.


Address: CIS-X Room 325, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305
Phone: 415-269-7102

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